• Fact Sheet

  • January 1995



    Publicly held - NASDAQ

    Camillo Martino


    $276.4 million

    Revenue 2013





    *640 patents as of January 2015
  • Mission

    To be the leader in advanced HD connectivity solutions.

    About Silicon Image, Inc.

    Silicon Image is a leading provider of multimedia connectivity solutions and services for mobile, consumer electronics and PC markets. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, the company develops market-leading technologies and industry standards that deliver connectivity across a wide array of devices in the home, office and on the go.

    Silicon Image led the creation of the highly successful HDMI®, DVI™ and MHL® standards, and is a driving force behind the WirelessHD® standard. In addition, Silicon Image offers manufacturers comprehensive standards interoperability and compliance testing services via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Simplay Labs.

    The company sells its semiconductor and intellectual property core products to a customer base that includes global brands in mobile, CE and PC markets.  Silicon Image’s advanced connectivity solutions are deployed in mobile phones, tablets, DTVs, Blu-ray Disc™ players, audio-video receivers, digital cameras, as well as desktop and notebook PCs.

    Business Model

    Silicon Image develops leading-edge connectivity technologies which we strive to establish as industry standards for use in consumer electronics, mobile and PC applications. We partner with the world’s leading consumer electronics and mobile manufacturers to bring these technologies to market via “standards plus” products that are both compliant with industry standards and incorporate our latest technology innovations.

    Wholly Owned Subsidiaries

    HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) technology has become the de-facto worldwide standard for HD connectivity with over 1,300 adopters and an installed base of over 4 billion HDMI-enabled products. The HDMI Specification combines uncompressed high-definition video, multi-channel audio, and data in a single digital interface to provide crystal-clear digital quality over a single cable.

    The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) specification was developed by Hitachi, Ltd.; Panasonic Corporation; Philips Consumer Electronics International, B.V.; Silicon Image, Inc.; Sony Corporation; Technicolor S.A. (formerly Thomson S.A.) and Toshiba Corporation as the all-digital interface standard for the consumer electronics and personal computer markets.

    HDMI Licensing, LLC is the agent appointed by the HDMI Forum to license Version 2.0 of the HDMI Specification and is the agent appointed by the HDMI Founders to license all earlier HDMI Specifications. In addition, HDMI Licensing, LLC provides marketing, promotional, licensing and administrative services, as well as education on the benefits of the HDMI Specification to adopters, retailers, and consumers.

    Simplay Labs, LLC is the leading provider of standards compliance and interoperability testing services for consumer electronics and mobile devices that incorporate HDMI, MHL, HDCP and WiSA-based technologies. Simplay Labs and its worldwide Authorized Testing Centers (ATCs) offer device manufacturers a full suite of testing programs, test equipment, development and performance tools designed to ensure the highest level of performance and interoperability amongst devices transmitting and receiving premium digital audio/video content.

    Qterics™, Inc. is a leading provider of Device Management Services (DMS) for Internet-connected consumer products such as Smart TVs, Blu-ray Disc™ players and set-top boxes that feature Over-the-top (OTT) streaming media content and services. Qterics's secure Internet Protocol-based connectivity and device management services include Digital Rights Management key provisioning, software management and remote support solutions for Internet-connected devices.