• Mobile Products

  • mobile_solutionsSilicon Image offers a wide range of mobile connectivity solutions featuring MHL® and HDMI® technologies. Our mobile semiconductor products are designed for smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, streaming media sticks, mobile docks, and other devices where a small form factor and low power consumption are essential.

  • MHL Transmitters

    Our MHL transmitter chips provide up to 1080p/60 video output while reducing system BOM (Bill of Materials) cost for mobile HD video output. All products feature advanced low-power operating modes to maximize battery life in mobile applications.


    Part #Description
    SiI8620MHL 3.0 Tx Supporting Up To 4K 2160P Ultra HD Resolution
    SiI8348MHL 2.0 1080p60 transmitter that integrates a 2-to-1 multi-media switch to reduce system bill of materials
    SiI8558MHL 2.0 transmitter with integrated 4-to-1 multi-media switch
    SiI8246MHL 2.0 Transmitter
    SiI8240MHL 2.0 transmitter with HDMI input
    SiI9232MHL 1.0 transmitter with RGB input and integrated HDCP support
    SiI9244MHL 1.0 transmitter with HDMI input
    SiI8332MHL 1.0 transmitter with MIPI DSI input, integrated HDCP support, and integrated switch
    SiI8334MHL 1.0 transmitter with HDMI input and integrated switch
    SiI8336MHL 1.0 transmitter with MIPI DSI input and integrated switch
    SiI8338MHL 1.0 transmitter with digital RGB input and integrated switch
    SiI8352MHL 1.0 transmitter with integrated HD scaler and digital RGB input
    SiI8356MHL 1.0 transmitter with integrated HD scaler and MIPI DSI input
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