• Mobile Products

  • mobile_solutionsSilicon Image (a Lattice Semiconductor company) and Lattice offer a wide range of mobile connectivity solutions featuring USB Type-C Port Controllers, MHL® and HDMI® technologies. Our mobile semiconductor products are designed for smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, streaming sticks, mobile docks, and other devices where a small form factor and lower power consumption are essential. We offer support for proprietary connectors along with standard micro-USB, USB Type-C, superMHL™, and HDMI connectors.

  • superMHL/MHL-HDMI Bridges

    Lattice’s MHL-to-HDMI bridge solutions provide video throughout up to 4K60 (UHD) 4:4:4 between a mobile device and an HDMI interface.


    Part #Description
    SiI9396superMHL receiver with HDMI 2.0 output (HDCP 2.2/1.4 decryption supported)
    SiI9394MHL 3.0 To HDMI 2.0 Bridge Supporting Up To 4K 2160P Ultra HD Resolution
    SiI6031MHL 3.0 multi-media switch includes a single port supporting up to 6 Gb/s and two USB 2.0
    SiI9292MHL 1.0-to-HDMI 1.4a bridge
    SiI9296MHL 2.0-to-HDMI 1.4a bridge
    SiI1296MHL 2.0-to-VGA bridge
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