• ViaPort Technology

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     Silicon Image's ViaPort technology is designed to improve TV performance and simplify home theater operation.  ViaPort technology makes it easier to connect and operate audio equipment like AV receivers and sound bars, without any compromise in audio quality or system usability. With Silicon Image's ViaPort technology, the TV becomes the center of the home theater, enabling the TV to deliver advanced features like 3D, even if that feature is not supported by the AV receiver. With ViaPort, you don't have to be a home theater expert to enjoy a first-rate home theater experience.

    Key Features 

    • Multiple ViaPort-enabled TVs can be daisy-chained together and controlled by a single remote - ideal for commercial and retail applications
    • Switching between source devices becomes dramatically simpler, requiring fewer commands on fewer remotes
    • ViaPort can take audio from any source, analog or digital, and output it as an HDMI® audio stream, so you get the highest possible audio quality without any signal loss or degradation
    • ViaPort-enabled port processors feature an external HDMI transmitter, making it easy to connect an AV receiver downstream from the TV, and freeing you from reliance on the AV receiver as a switching hub